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Delmas 31 | House of Hope Orphanage
  • James

    James Jean

    James does not walk or talk.  He cannot hear but is very happy.  James loves to play and smile.

  • Josette

    Josette Michel

    Josette struggles to control her movements but loves to dance.  She has difficultly learning new things but has a great memory.

  • Emanuel

    Emmanuel Michel

    Emmanuel enjoys crawling around but cannot walk.  He likes to clap and play with others.  He is shy but learns really well.

  • Peter

    Peter Michel

    Peter has great difficulty talking and understanding others.  He loves to play with toys and playing sports.  He is very sweet and very shy.

  • Steve

    Steve Michelle

    Steve can’t talk but can hear and understand.  He is very helpful and always wants to help others.  Steve does not like to sit still but is very observant.  He goes to school.

  • Ricqui


    Ricqui doesn’t walk or talk.  He is frequently sucking on his thumb or other fingers.  He has trouble learning and paying attention but enjoys watching and observing others play.  He loves to eat.

  • Daniel

    Daniel Carlito

    Daniel doesn’t walk or talk and struggles to learn.  He loves to sleep and eat.

  • Natanael

    Natanael Francois

    Natanael has difficulty sitting up by herself due to Cerebral Palsy.  She can’t hear but loves to watch everything around her.  Natanael loves to lay in her bed and use her hands and smile.

  • Samuel


    Samuel never smiles and likes to find quiet areas to sit alone.  He is distant from people but listens well and can walk.  Is very shy and does not give eye contact.