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Founded in 2012, House of Hope Orphanage is a beacon of love, care, and hope for over 176 children who have been orphaned or abandoned in the North West Region of Cameroon.

The orphanage began with just 7 children and has since grown due to the increasing need for support, particularly in light of the ongoing "Ambazonia" crisis that has left thousands of parents dead and even more women and children displaced.

Building a Home for Every Child

Mission and Vision: Building a Home for Every Child

Our mission at House of Hope Orphanage is to create “A Place To Call Home” for vulnerable children, alleviating poverty, providing healthcare, education, and empowering them. We strive to meet their basic needs, while nurturing and protecting them, giving them the foundation for a brighter future.
Our vision is a world where every child has a home, no matter their circumstances. By joining together, we can create a safe and welcoming environment for these children and empower them to overcome adversity and achieve their full potential.

Purpose: Creating a Home to Foster Hope and Growth

The purpose of House of Hope Orphanage is to provide “A Place To Call Home” for orphaned or abandoned children in Cameroon. Our commitment goes beyond meeting their immediate needs; we also ensure they have access to quality education, healthcare, and opportunities for personal growth and development. By supporting their journey towards self-sufficiency and a brighter future, we aim to create a true home for every child in our care.

Challenges: Overcoming Obstacles to Make a Home

House of Hope Orphanage faces various challenges in its quest to create “A Place To Call Home” for the children:
Limited resources: As the number of children in need continues to grow, so does the demand for resources.
Ongoing crisis: The “Ambazonia” crisis has led to the displacement of thousands of families, increasing the number of children seeking refuge at the orphanage.
Founder’s health: Malvis Ayaba, the founder of House of Hope Orphanage, has been battling kidney failure since 2019. Her health has recently deteriorated, adding to the challenges faced by the orphanage.